BioCurious Has Moved!


3060 Coronado

New location beginning April 1st

3060 Coronado Dr., Santa Clara, 95054

This has been in discussion and the board has signed a new lease at  3060 Coronado Dr. Santa Clara.   There are several advantages to the new space which is only one exit away(2.3 miles) from our previous location, includes nearly twice as much square footage, and extra office space.

We will need ALL  your help to make sure this causes as little interruption as possible for the lab.  The new space has amazing potential but will take a fair bit of elbow grease to get us ready to move in by the first week of April.

This is going to be a very busy month for the the lab and we will need everyone’s help.  We encourage all to help out on one or more days.

Please sign up on so we know how many volunteers to expect on each day.

March 4th 11am  Pulling Carpet: We need to pull up the old carpet.  Please wear heavy shoes or boots and bring work gloves.

March 11th 10am Sanding Floors: Wear heavy shoes and bring work gloves.

March 18th 10am Painting: The new space needs to be painted.  Wear your grubby painting clothes and pitch in!

March 25th – 31st Packing day: Pre packing things to prep them for the move.

April 1st & 2nd MOVING DAYS 10am: Wear heavy boots and bring gloves.  If you have a truck please let us know and bring it.  We will be renting a moving van but the more vehicles we have the less back and forth we will have to do.

Apr 7th MOVING DAY 3: Same as above if necessary

April 7th & 14th 10am Fix issues at 845 Stewart Dr: 

April 7th &14th 10am Setup: Help us setup the lab and get the equipment into place

The newly expanded board of BioCurious is thankful in advance for all the support we know we will have.  This is a community lab only made possible because of all of our amazing members, visitors, and volunteers.

We would like to encourage the community to make a donation towards moving costs.  Upgrading the new location will be eating into a lot of BioCurious’s funds. We have alot more exciting announcements we are not quite ready to break the news on but please stay tuned. Please help us offset these costs with a one-time donation (or by becoming a member if you aren’t already), spread the word,

We look forward to the next chapter at BioCurious in new digs!

All the best,

BioCurious Board of Directors

Joe Bamberg Ph.D., Maria Chavez, Eric Espinosa Ph.D., Eri Gentry, Jay Hanson, Eric Harness, Innokenti Toulokhonov Ph.D.