BioCurious Is Moving – Spring 2019

When we moved out of our Sunnyvale location two years ago, we had 30 members. We moved to our current location and expanded our offerings to include a tissue culture space, microscopes, a conference room, and offices. We also had the space to add additional equipment to better achieve our mission.

This worked and we are now at nearly 70 members! With the extra members, we are running out of bench space, co-working space, and wet-lab space. After speaking with many of you about what you wanted and desired from your community, we are going to take another leap into a bigger space that will better fit our needs.

Beginning April, 1st, BioCurious will move down the street to 3108 Patrick Henry Dr in Santa Clara. This space is about five minutes away, more than 50% larger, and a short walk/bike from the VTA and other public transportation. Best of all, we do not anticipate increasing the membership fees. Please keep a lookout for additional emails about our coming move.

Moving starts March 23rd. Please sign up to help!

We are all very excited about this new opportunity!


Will BioCurious be raising prices?
We have worked to keep prices at $100 a month and plan to keep basic membership the same at this time.

What will change?
Our address may be changing but the lab will still be the same community of curious and hard working scientists and citizens.

What will happen to any experiments I am conducting?
You will need to plan ahead for some downtime. We will be moving the freezers so that reagents and samples will be kept cold.

How long will the lab be closed?
We plan to only be closed a few days but the more help we have moving the faster we can reopen. So get your friends to help out!

What will be new at Patrick Henry?
We have a dedicated kitchen for non-experiments, a large lobby for members, and more convenient layout.

Will it be closer to public transportation?
YES! The VTA light rail stop is about 0.6 miles away (with sidewalks the entire way) and the 321 bus stops very close to the new building. We hope to have bike racks inside in a few months.