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Equipment List

  • -80˚C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer: Forma
  • HPLC: Shizmadu
  • Spectrophotometer: DeNovix DS-11+
  • Thermocyclers: MJ Research, Bio-Rad PTC-100
  • RT-PCR: Chai Bio
  • UltraCentrifuge: Beckman TL-100
  • Centrifuge: Beckman J2-21, J2-HS
  • Tabletop centrifuge: Eppendorf 5417R, Heraeus Biofuge, Tomy Refrigerated MTX-150
  • Shaking incubator: Innova 4000
  • Sonicator Disruptor: Omni-Ruptor 250
  • Analytical Balance: Mettler Toledo AB204, Tree HRB103, Mettler Toledo PB3001
  • Autoclave: Tuttnauer Brinkmann 2504E
  • Oven: Quincy Lab
  • Incubator: NuAire
  • Incubator:
  • 96-well plate reader: Tecan Spectrasfluor Plus, ELx808
  • Luminometer: Perkin Elmer Victor X

What happens after joining?

After submitting your membership fees (via buttons above), there are a few more steps before you may begin work in the lab:

  1. Check your inbox for your welcome email with info about your safety quiz and project review!
  2. Safety first: you will receive a link to our online safety quiz. You must achieve 100% on the quiz before passing.
  3. Review your project with the safety team, instructions in the welcome email
  4. When you drop by the lab in-person, you’ll need to sign the BioCurious Membership Agreement and show a government-issued ID.
  5. After you complete safety training and have your project approved, you’re good to go!
  6. Note: BioCurious provides access to equipment and some basics like gloves, plastic ware, and goggles. Members must provide their own reagents.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to lab + co-working space during open hours
  • Class + event discounts
  • Free supplies
  • Personal storage space in lab fridge, chemical cabinet and freezer
  • Free safety training & orientation