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Lab? Check. Community? Check. Alas! We’re still in need of donations.

Make a one-time donation at any time by clicking here or on the donate button.

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To see what specific items we need, see our wishlists in this Google Docs directory

  • General — office supplies, furniture, etc
  • Lab Equipment — science stuff, where the biosynthetic rubber meets the environmentally-friendly road
  • Chores — basically a call for volunteers for complex projects
  • Suggestions — what do you think we need? Anyone can edit this

BioCurious is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit company.
Our EIN for tax purposes is: 273848068.

A few notes about donations

  • We can’t take everything. In particular, some lab equipment is unrepairable, contaminated, or so out-dated that it’s no longer useful, and is in fact expensive to dispose of. Pass it by us first.
  • If you’re curious what we need, see the publicly accessible wishlists. If you have something you think we need, or think we ought to be on the look out for something, add it to the Suggestions list.
  • Please don’t drop items off outside the BioCurious lab — used lab equipment and biohazard trefoils make our neighbors nervous, and earn us visits from SWAT teams in bunny suits.
  • If you’ve got a donation, come by the lab on Monday afternoon or evening, or make an appointment with a member of the Equipment Team(
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