Who's Talked About bioCURIOUS


Biohackers: the DIY biologists out to barcode all Hong Kong’s plants, insects and animals – South China Morning Post
The burgers are better biohacked – in Financial Review on September 8, 2016
Adding CIA to DNA  – in Threat Post o September 6, 2016
Brewers, Biologists and Beer-Lovers Raise a Glass to Geektoberfest at The Tech – In Market Wired on September 1, 2016
Oakland hackers take a stab at making crowdfunded insulin – on PBS on July 25, 2016
Biology grad wins seed funding for biotech startup company – in UC Santa Cruz on June 8, 2016
The New Biohackers: How (and Where) They Work – in The Huffington Post on June 4, 2016
Is Biohacking the Next Big Thing or a Disgusting Fad? – in Top Secret Writers on 20 May 2016
Is DIY kitchen CRISPR a class issue? – in Popular Science on May 3, 2016
This man invented plants that glow like light bulbs – in Biotechin on February 20, 2016

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