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There’s a new type of innovation going on at BioCurious. The projects that happen at BioCurious are mind blowing. A 3D printer for biology, house plants that glow in the dark, cow’s milk without cows.

This stems from our “open innovation culture”, and we think it can help your company too, even though you’re probably not in the biotech industry. We’ll teach you how you can take this energy back to your own company and exceed everybody’s expectations.

We’ve learned that to get a deeper understanding of BioCurious, to really take these lessons back to your own work, you need to go hands on. We created these workshops to let you experience discovery and open innovation yourself.

Rapid 2 hour Hands-On Lab to Fit Your Schedule

If your group is visiting from out of town, you’ve probably already got a full schedule of visits to other top innovators, like Google, Apple, and Tech Shop. We designed this “2 hour Deep Dive on open Innovation” for you. The focus is on getting your team right into the lab.

We’ve got a quick 30 minute overview of BioCurious, and then we head straight into the lab to get you hands on experience in the lab, to experience these types of discoveries. It’s not so much about the biology experiment, it’s the experience of trying something new, making a mistake, being unsure of what you’re doing, asking questions. We just had a group of executives from a big Swiss chemical company over for this workshop and they totally loved it. Of course we have local companies from Silicon Valley and from all over the world and they love what they see at BioCurious because they can take it back to their company.

(Included visits to Google and SRI international)

Policy Rountable Discussion

BioCurious is a community of amateurs mixed with professionals. Imagine an electrical engineer who never touched bio in his life, working with a PhD biologist whose day job is at NASA. It’s Silicon valley, so we’ve got computer programmers, electrical engineers, artists, designers, marketers, economists colliding together. Come check out how our culture can open up innovation at your company.

Easy Invoicing for your Company

We make invoices really easy. Billing can be a pain in the butt, you want to do something cool for your company but you think of “oh my , the invoice, the finance department, what a pain”. So we make nice PDF invoices for you, to make it really easy. If you need a refund for your personal card, we get you an invoice really quick, for a reimbursement.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop email:

Food & Snacks

Of course! We do catering, coffee, snacks, stuff like that. We like Whole Foods a lot.

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