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BioCurious is a community that includes people from many different backgrounds from those who last took biology in high school to professional scientists, and even artists and social scientists.

A Citizen Scientist is an amateur or non-professional scientist participating in scientific research. The goals of Citizen Science can include creating an open dialogue and collaboration between professional research and general public for the benefit of society. Research can often take place in a Makerspace or Hackerspace.

Hackerspace / Makerspace is a “community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.”

Yes, we suggest that people visit during one of our Meetup events or during a volunteer staffer’s shift. See the events calendar for timing. There is no need to schedule an appointment.

Yes. If you are a small group (under 10), please refer to the above guidelines for visiting. If you would like to bring a large number of people to the lab such as for a corporate tour, please e-mail info@biocurious.org and tell us more about your group and what your needs are.


You can sign up for membership either in person or online. We ask that members fill out a membership agreement and pay membership dues.

After signing up online, members must become familiar with our safety policies and pass our safety test before entering the lab. You will receive an email with this information upon joining.

Any person wanting to do lab work that is under 18 requires a family membership. A Family Membership is for 1 parent/guardian and 1 teen (under 18). Both the parent and the teen need to take the online safety training and pass the safety quiz. The project they are working on must be approved by the Safety Group. Parents are required to be onsite and supervise their child anytime the teen is at BioCurious.


BioCurious is supported by many volunteers, from front desk staffers to teachers. If you are over 18 and interested in volunteering on a regular basis, please contact info@biocurious.org with information about yourself and how you’d like to plug in.

We ask that all volunteers be at least 18 years old.


Email safety@biocurious.org for all safety questions.

Our biology lab functions at a Biosafety Level – 1 level (BSL-1), which is equivalent to what you would find in a high school biology lab. We require all our members to undergo safety orientation.

Community Projects

Our community projects are member led and participant driven group projects that meet regularly to collaborate.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our community projects. We ask that children must be accompanied by adults.

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